Recent iTunes Problems

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To TYT Members: We understand that our podcast stopped allowing access earlier today (11/9/12).  The access problems should be fixed.  Please try again to access the podcast and your website accounts.

Thank you for your patience and support.



  1. Where’s hour two of 11/14 podcast? Cenk had some very interesting commentary there, but seems not available as podcast.


  2. Can someone please provide the link for members to download the podcast? I cant find it anywhere on the new site

  3. Where is a link from the main page to find Podcasts ?

    It used to be on the right side column in the old website, but on this new one it’s nowhere to be found

  4. Kimani,

    My iTunes feed is working again but for some reason I can’t access any content on the website. Every time I try to watch any of the posted videos it kicks me out to the “Sign up for a membership” screen. I am signed up for a membership. I usually listen to the show on my iPod, but I do like to watch it from time to time as well.

  5. I have no idea how to get my podcast feed back on itunes for the membership podcast. Any help is appreciated. It’s not in the itunes store, so how do i get it to show up again?

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