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The Point 12.4.12 – Consumerism Kills?, TV Republicans, and Domestic Violence

The Point 11.21.12 – Real Thanksgiving History, Shopping and Dinner-Table Conversations

The Point 11.16.12 – Progressives & Obama, Pundit Accountability, and Petraeus’ Media Circus

The Point 11.7.12 – 2012 Election Wrap-up

The Point 11.4.12 – GOP & Rape, Religion, Anti-Government, and Voter Suppression

The Point 10.27.12 – Anti-Science, Science Policy and Pseudoscience

The Point 10.22.12 – Open Internet and Politics in the Age of Social Media

The Point 10.12.12 – Drug War, Teacher Strikes, and Lying Politicians

The Point 9.23.12 – Cannabis, Marijuana, Weed – The Pot ‘Point’

The Point 9.14.12 – Political Conventions, Low Info Voters and Women’s Rights

The Point 9.8.12 – Climate Change – Tipping Point, Skeptics, and Adaptation

The Point 8.25.12 – Legitimate Rape, Voter ID Restrictions, and Women in Augusta National

The Point 8.18.12 – Atheists On Religion, Science, and Morality

The Point 8.11.12 – YouTube’s Real Name Comment Policy, Twitter Censorship​, and More

The Point 8.8.12 – Corrupt FDA? Offensive Front Yards? Is The Album Dead?

The Point 8.1.12 – Aurora Colorado Shooting and Gun Control

The Point 7.25.12 – Bullies, Daniel Tosh Rape Joke, and Lotteries

The Point 7.20.12 – Political Framing, UVA President Firing, MSM Coverage of Campaigns

The Point 7.14.12 – Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll

The Point 7.6.12 – Supreme Court on Obamacare, Cali Ban on Foie Gras, and Texas GOP Critical Thinking Ban

The Point 6.22.12 – Job Creation in the Private Sector, Reality Shows, and Online Dating

The Point 6.15.12 – Internet Advertising, YouTube Minorities, and What is Klout?

The Point 6.8.12 – Americans Love Garbage? Breastfeeding Controversial? Horrors Hidden By Media?

The Point 6.1.12 – 50 Shades Of Grey, The Bible and Morality, and Slave Labor

The Point 5.25.12 – War: Ron Paul, Call Of Duty, and Memorial Day – 3 Veterans Discuss

The Point 5.18.12 – Politics Of The Avengers? Govt Secrecy Killing Us? Could You Be Evil?

The Point 5.11.12 – Hipster Racism? Hip Hop Conspiracy? Obama, Jay-Z and More

The Point 5.4.12 – Republican Brain, Asteroid Mining, and Evolution In Schools

The Point 4.27.12 – ‘Fucking’, Liberal Evangelicals, and Dem Supreme Court Fail?

The Point 4.19.12 – 420: Marijuana, Van Jones, and Tupac Hologram = Future Of Music

The Point 4.17.12 – Your ?’s Answered: Amazing Atheist Backlash, Conservative Guests and More

The Point 4.13.12 – Death Penalty, Luxury Prisons, and False Convictions

The Point 4.5.12 – Bully Movie, Firing Teachers, and Minority Students

The Point 3.29.12 – Slaves Work For YOU, Hunger Strikes, and Plastic Surgery For The Poor

The Point 3.22.12 – Is Monogamy Natural? Sex Addiction? Sex Strike?

The Point 3.15.12 – Online Privacy, Bullying In Schools, and War With Iran

The Point 3.8.12 – Limbaugh & ‘Sluts’, Climate Change, and Race To Nowhere

The Point 3.1.12 – Rocky Anderson, Ron Paul, The Amazing Atheist & Why Tuesday

The Point 2.23.12 – Hollywood Violence, The Pentagon, and Marlon Brando Oscar Rejection

The Point 2.16.12 – Jesus & Republicans, LGBT, and Whitney Houston Death In Context

The Point 2.9.12 – Sexism, Lesbians, and Chris Brown Grammys Controversy

The Point 2.2.12 – Factory Farming, Fracking, & 49ers

The Point 1.26.12 – Occupy w/ Russell Simmons, Citizens United & HIV Wrestler

The Point 1.19.12 – Slut Shaming, Citizens United & Wall Street Tax

The Point 1.12.12 – ‘Liberal’ Hollywood, War, & Prisons Driving Immigration Policy

The Point 1.5.12 – Police Brutality, Racism, and Santorum

The Point 12.30.11 – God, Bill Maher, GOP, Abramoff and More

The Point 12.22.11 – Drug War, Defense Spending and The Top 1%

The Point 12.15.11 – Plan B, Muslims and Taxes

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