1. I still watch You Guys more on YouTube Live than I do here on TYTNetwork because I like the YouTube chat . But I like You Guys’s long one hour video chunks here (and Live) because I listen to You Guys while I’m working on projects , but I don’t have to select and click every three minutes when a video ends .
    So in short , I pay attention to You Guys on YouTube the most , that’s My preferred Social Media Site . Luv U Guys

  2. Me too; none of the above. I thought about getting a twitter account to follow dave, though. And steve! Is steve on twitter?

    Also, I heard that penterest is from mormons. Is that true?

  3. I don’t do anything more advanced than email.
    All that facespace/twittwat looks to me like going to a huge orgy w/o birth control or protection.
    I’m a Proud Dinosaur. So far my identity is still mine alone.
    Being in touch w/ the great teeming sweaty masses? Honey Badger just don’t give a shit. Thanks for asking.
    BTW: Great job!

      1. I agree, none of the above. I tried facebook then discovered I don’t give a shit what my old HS classmates are doing. The fact the None of the above isn’t an option shows that TYT is being run by kids (ie 20+ years younger than me)

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