55 Years in Prison for a Non-Violent Drug Offense? (Rocky Anderson)

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In this video, former Salt Lake City Mayor and 2012 Justice Party presidential candidate Rocky Anderson decries the horrific social and financial consequences of mandatory minimum sentencing laws, sharing the outrageous case of Weldon Angelos, condemned to spend 55 years in federal prison for non-violent drug offenses. Even the Republican judge in the case regarded the sentence as excessive, and called upon President Obama to release Angelos.

Rocky also issues a call to arms for citizens to write to the president and their local congressional representatives, calling for the commutation of Angelos’ sentence and to overturn these counterproductive and costly mandatory minimum sentencing laws.

To write to the president:

President Barack Obama
℅ The Pardon Attorney
1425 New York Ave NW, Ste 11000
Washington DC 20530

For the text of the letter of support for commutation of Weldon Angelos’ sentence, visit the Constitution Project’s website here:


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