Private Prisons in Oklahoma: Legalized Bribery?

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The industry making the most sizable donations to politicians in the state of Oklahoma is the private prison industry, including companies like Corrections Corporation of America and the Geo Group. Not surprisingly, the state has recently been passing legislation to direct more inmates to private prison facilities. Is this simply the free market working its magic, or is this an example of legalized bribery, corruption and crony capitalism run amok?

Our panel debates the benefits of for-profit prisons, how privatizing prisons might work to further the public good, the corrosive influence of corporate control over the American political system, and much more in this segment of The Point with Ana Kasparian.

Host: Ana Kasparian

Christopher Ryan: Author – Sex at Dawn
Gina Grad: Host – The Pretty Good Podcast
Peter Nonacs: UCLA Professor – Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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