TYT 1.14.14 Hour 1

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Cenk hosting today.  John Boehner was asked about the lack of regulation in the WV city that dealt with a chemical leak from a company.  Video of John Boehner’s press conference where he advocated for even less regulations for the company that caused the problems in the first place.  Battle over raising the minimum wage and how it would positively enhance our economy.  The argument that raising it will make unemployment worse is easily debunked.

Cenk is officially calling an end to the fake IRS scandal.  CNN is reporting that the investigation is about to reveal that there is absolutely nothing to report.  A district court of appeals has ruled against Net Neutrality.  Mitt and Ann Romney attended a regional conference for the Mormon Church where Mitt did the Gangnam style dance on stage with performers.  Republican State Senator from Mississippi claimed that Hollywood doesn’t have enough Muslims playing the bad guy in movies.  Latest on the Chris Christie saga and the bridge closures.  The latest revelations don’t look good for his assertion that he knew nothing about it.  His top female aide that was responsible for the closures is also described as a person that wouldn’t go rouge and do something like this without the chain of command asking her to.

A Wyoming State Rep has introduced a bill to bring the firing squad to the state for the death penalty as a backup to lethal injection.  He’s rejecting the option of the gas chamber because its too costly.

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