Treatment of the Mentally Ill in the US is a SCANDAL

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In this week’s #NoFilter, Ana Kasparian rants against the woeful state of mental health care in the United States. Citing the recent beating death by police (and their subsequent acquittal) of Kelly Thomas, a mentally ill homeless man, as well as the numerous killings perpetrated by mentally ill shooters and the scandalous treatment of mentally ill inmates by the South Carolina department of corrections, Kasparian paints a picture of a society that has all but abandoned people suffering with mental illness.

This, she says, is something that HAS to change.

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  1. Thanks Ana! This story and your insight, on not only the way mental health is handled in the USA but also the questioning as to why so many police officers have to be “in on the take-down” where only one or two should be sufficient, goes straight to the point. I believe the police all across the country are behaving no better than gangs. Ana, you are a great asset to TYT and provide a wonderful approach to societal problems and other issues.

    Tom Lowe, Richfield, NC

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