Christian Pastor Offers Atheists $100K to Prove God Doesn’t Exist; He’s Ignorant

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–Joshua Feuerstein, an Evangelical pastor, offers Atheists $100,000 to prove God does not exist

–On the Bonus Show: What not to do to an off duty US Marshall, cardboard license plates, restorers destroy the world’s oldest pyramid, David Attenborough wants to find a yeti, more…

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Broadcast on September 8, 2014


  1. Just put the money to a better use. Atheists aren’t going to be able to prove it because they don’t have the God-sized intelligence to do so. Heck, there are atheists who don’t even have human-sized intelligence.

    1. Are you THAT ignorant? It has been proven that religious people on average have lower IQs than atheists. The fact that there’s various studies concerning that comparison is more than enough to say you religious bigots are morons.

    2. Generally speaking, it’s not hard to provide logical deduction’s that God, or a Godlike being, either does not exist or is absent from Human affairs. On the other hand, it’s incredibly easy to disprove about every single religious miracle or phenomenon in existence. I doubt the moron can even pay up. He’ll probably just pull the “ALL your evidence is irrelevant because you have to BELIEVE in God” or some bullshit like that.

      So… Yeah. Atheists actually can win this “bet” really easily. If all they have to do is logically conclude that God does not exist, they can give TONS of evidence for that. And there ain’t much that’s going to back up the Church if you want EVIDENCE, unless some freaking angel flies down and says “Hey I’m supposed to tell you guys that God says he does exist” it’s pretty much in the bag for atheists I’m gonna need popcorn for this!.

    3. Then again Vic, you don’t need god-sized intelligence to understand precisely what the video is about… A lot of people are not capable of understanding what “atheists assert or doesnt assert”.

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