1. @johntea1234
    onviously you didnt underatand what konst was saying. keith ellison was being smeared. he already spoke on that issue. what else does ellison have to say say. nomi slaughtered that man on tv and hea butt hurt that all he can do is try to bully her on tv yet she didnt allow it.

  2. Wow, Alan Dershowitz destroyed Konst. She never once spoke to the topic of Jew hatred. Kudos to Alan Dershowitz, a strong democrat who speaks truth to power when Dems scream antisemitism. Keith Ellison never new Farrakhan was a jew hater?? Now that’s comedy!

  3. What is that guy talking about anti-semitism for? Nobody I know is an anti-semite. It is the KKK who is anti semite and even they are split on that issue why on earth would anyone in the Democratic party be anti-Semite. If Ellison did associate with an anti-semite while he was a young man, I can assure you that young men say and do stupid things, then they grow up and learn that there are consequences.

    Nomiki, continue to tear into people like that old guy who was clearly pushing the wrong agenda. Good work Nomi.

    1. A young man? Going back are we? The KKK were all democrats. Republicans, who were against division and still are, have never wavered from. Sad that people find their self worth in politics and politicians.

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