Voto Latino’s 2017 Our Voices Panel: “Shaking Up The Newsroom”

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Voto Latino’s 2017 Our Voices panel “Shaking Up The Newsroom.”

Hosted by Marla Teresa Kumar (MSNBC)

Featuring: Cenk Uygur (The Young Turks), Maria Cardona (CNN), Jonathan Capehart (Washington Post), and Rashida Jones (NBC News)

Our Voices is a signature event during White House Correspondents’ Weekend, focusing on the need for diversity both in front of and behind the camera. It is because of, not in spite of the current political climate that we believe it is now more important than ever to showcase diverse talent and celebrate it through the Our Voices reception.

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Voto Latino is a pioneering civic media organization that seeks to transform America by recognizing Latinos’ innate leadership.

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