Cenk Uygur on “The Real Resistance” Full Speech

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Cenk Uygur offered remarks at Busboys & Poets in Washington D.C. promising a populist wave if the left unites behind progressive values and policies.


  1. Thank you, Cenk. I’m an Aussie living in Ireland but what happens in the White House affects the world. The political situation in Australia mimics Washington, with fossil fuel donors including Murdoch dictating the agenda. Grassroots activism is the only answer. Bernie for POTUS, Cenk for Attorney General. :)

  2. Great speech Cenk! Progressives need to talk in their day to day interactions with people period. Like a great man before you said about the small things every day people do make the change we as a society need. Howard Zinn warned in the last article the Nation published from him lamenting during the Obama administration’s first transition IE Podesta in charge. Saying Obama looks like he will be mediocre and in these times” ” 2009″ a mediocre president will be a dangerous president. Been watching a slow motion train wreck for 8 years. Now the danger is here. We have to be citizens again. Thank you for jumping in the fight!

  3. Listening to Cenk makes me proud and happy that the USA is an immigrant nation. So glad we have his voice, so glad he’s an American!

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