Jordan and Dem Establishment Spar At Netroots Nation!

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TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton ( comes to us from the Netroots Nation conference in Atlanta Georgia where he debates former DNC Vice Chair candidate Latoia Jones ( about what the American people want for the future of the Democratic party.

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  1. She completely discredited herself and revealed her true agenda when she attacked Bernie with those stupid tired old DNC talking points. What a shill.

    And she was totally wrong about “the DNC should not have” strong message points because every locality is different. Jordan was 100% correct, she was 100% wrong.

    I’m hanging with the Democratic Party out of sheer stubbornness (I’ve been a registered Dem since the 1980’s) but I will walk away without a backward glance if they try to shiv Bernie again. He’s the most popular politician in the country among ALL parties and Dems should celebrate that the fact that he’s on our side, instead of continually trying to dismiss him. Fuck Establishment Democrats.

    That said… I’m a member of our local DCC (Democratic Central Committee) and this month our DCC voted unanimously to endorse The People’s Platform, which of course is linked to Bernie’s Our Revolution. Most of the elderly members of our DCC are on the conservative side and backed Hillary in the primaries, but even they see the writing on the wall. So, the progressives on the committee were able to convince 35 mostly conservative Democrats to vote in favor of:

    Healthcare for All, Tuition-Free College, $15 minimum wage, Equal Access to Abortion, Automatic Voter Registration, Environmental Justice, Criminal Justice Reform and Immigrant Rights, and Taxing Wall Street.

    Now we need to spread the word and get other DCC’s to also endorse The People’s Platform. Time for sense and sensibility to trickle UP to the DNC.


  2. Look, they even got an African-American to tout their establishment propaganda: “We got a black person to represent our argument, so obviously we have the support of minority communities. Look! Jordan is white! Obviously progressives don’t have the support of the African-American community”.

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