1. The booing is another symptom of The growing impatience of the newer folks that have been joining with Bernie and the Progressive Movement. This cannot go on any longer. If you aren’t aware of this, let me clue you in. You are not nearly as brilliant as Bernie. He realized early on that the progressive movement was becoming large enough to take on the democratic elites. It was his intent to use his presidential campaign to help them become aware of themselves. What he couldn’t seem to do is keep them from being impatient. Bernie has made a giant leap when it comes to progressive self-awareness. He’s right in there, making a mockery of the Neo-Liberal elites that have controlled the Party since Bill Clinton took office.

    Meet the man halfway. Remember the hand gesture that John Macain used to shock the nation. Do that instead of booing. Stand up and put your hand out in front of you, all of you and wait till your all ready. when you’re in position, stick out your thumb at the level, wait a moment and then it’s thumbs down, Don’t worry if you don’t do it all at once. It’s your doing it that matters.

    Statements: 1 What have purges got to do with unity? 2 What have superdelegates have to do with the popular vote and unity. 3 Thanks for the handshake with one hand and a knife in the back with the other. 4 Superdelegates are not a good start.

  2. I can’t watch live, but I would be very intrested to check it out later, can you make the videos available in the ‘Special events’ section or somewhere for the members?

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