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Alabama Secretary of State on Ballot Access: “We’re Gonna Be Fine”

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, whose office oversees elections, told TYT Sunday that ballot access in Tuesday’s special Senate election between Roy Moore and Doug Jones should be “fine” and that he has implemented changes to reduce long wait times seen in previous elections.

Merrill has continued to support Moore, a fellow Republican, despite sexual misconduct allegations against Moore that have led many in their party—including Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.)—to withdraw support.

In an interview with TYT, Merrill addressed concerns about Alabamians being able to vote. The state suffers from a number of well-publicized hurdles to voter registration, including voter ID laws and closure of some voter-registration sites disproportionately affecting African American voters.
Photo courtesy of the Alabama Secretary of State Facebook page.

VIDEO – Voter Suppression: TYT Talks To Alabama ACLU Executive Director

Ken Klippenstein (@kenklippenstein) sits down with Randall C. Marshall, the executive director and the former legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama, to discuss voter suppression in Alabama in advance of tomorrow’s special Senatorial election.

VIDEO – President of the Southern Poverty Law Center Discusses Voter Suppression In Alabama

@KenKlippenstein reporting for TYT Investigates from Montgomery, Alabama: Ken speaks with the president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Richard Cohen, about the tactics used to prevent people from voting in the Alabama senate race. Cohen mentions the negative impact of Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, in particular.

VIDEO – TYT Speaks With 17-Year-Old Volunteer at the Doug Jones Campaign Headquarters

TYT interviews volunteer Nick Johnson at Doug Jones’ (D-Ala.) campaign headquarters ahead of Tuesday’s special election for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions.

VIDEO – Alabama Senate Election: Reporting From Montgomery Polling Station – TYT Investigates Live Stream

Reporter Ken Klippenstein is reporting on the special election taking place in Alabama between Democrat Doug Jones and Republican Roy Moore.

Alabama Voters: Problems At the Polls, Feelings on the Candidates – TYT Investigates Live Stream

Alabama voters tell TYT’s Ken Klippenstein in their own words how they feel about the election—problems at the polls, how the campaigns were run, and the candidates’ pasts.

Doug Jones Wins Alabama Senate Race – TYT Investigates Live Stream From Roy Moore Headquarters

TYT’s Ty Bayliss and reporter Ken Klippenstein report from Roy Moore’s headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama, following Moore’s Senate loss.

Doug Jones’ Victory Party – TYT Investigates Live Stream

Reporter Ken Klippenstein talks to Doug Jones volunteers and party attendees at Doug Jones’ party following his successful bid for the Alabama Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions.


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