Rebel Headquarters: Rick Trevino & Sarah Smith

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Cenk interviews Rick Trevino, who is running for Texas 23rd District, & Sarah Smith, who is running for Washington 9th District.


  1. I love these two candidates! JD great job finding them and I really hope folks are getting out there to volunteer for them. This was one of my favorite Rebel Headquarters. I’m gonna tell my M in Law about Rick. She live in SA. Yeee!

  2. I hope you keep having the lovely intelligent Sarah Smith on the show. Here in Washington we’re far more progressive than our representation would imply. It brought a tear to my eye
    caucusing for Bernie Sanders, being in the presence of amazing likeminded people. Washington state is overall progressive, but the dem establishment has its fangs in deep. We also have a very unsophisticated segment of voters, thankfully they’re not a majority

  3. Rick Trevino at first reminded me of Richard Spencer based only on looks, laughable once he starts talking about his heritage. He looks like he’s looking inside a lot instead of looking at you. His early mid-sentence pauses made it harder to follow, but once he got warmed up he seemed to get fired up!

  4. How is he slimy? I didn’t get that impression, only that she gets stressed taking us accent becomes more pronounced and he is not as clear as he should be. He needs to work on that . He should also consider local government.

  5. Get together with a Progressive PCO in your district and they can help you with their own NGP Van account. I’m a PCO in Washington State but not in your district.

  6. Rick Trevino is ugh. He comes across as really slimy and unlikeable to me. Sarah Smith, on the other hand, is awesome. Smart, rational, and concise. Really hope she wins.

    1. I actually know the guy and he is super sweet, he was on video at the protests at the DNC talking about how rediculious it is that we are having a democratic convention fighting to get money out of politics AT the Wells Fargo arena and he is a progressive voter.

  7. Randy Bryce, aka Ironstache, TAKES PAC MONEY. How the hell is he a JD???????????????????? I am about ready to say fuck all y’all. Goddam this is depressing.

    1. So what if he has taken PAC money in the past, as long as he takes the pledge to take no more? It is the promise of future money and the implicit threat of that money being taken away that makes a candidate beholden to the donors. There is no power in past contributions without holding out the carrot of that next donation in the future. Bryce joined JDems like what, 2 days ago?

  8. I am 💖LOVING💖 these candidates❣️ I just keep thinking voting block, voting block, OUR voting block…

    Rick for Texas 23rd❣️ Sarah for Washington 9th❣️

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