Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All Town Hall

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The Medicare for All National Town Hall hosted by Senator Bernie Sanders from Washington. It’s time to make health care a right!


  1. “We are only as strong as our weakest link.” That works for the smallest group such as a family or sports team up to the largest country and the world as a whole.

  2. Thank you! Thank you! A zillion times thank you! The propaganda vomit from a grossly wealthy and profit-driven healthcare system will always trump truth and opportunity for better as long as we let it as a society. Its time we honor and appreciate the folks who pay into that system via Rx costs, insurance premiums, copays, decuctibles, uninsured costs etc, (aka you and me), take the bull by the horns and take charge of what we are already overly paying for. Healthcare shouldnt be negotiable or a privelege attained by some. It should be considered an entitlement simply because we are all human beings deserving good care. Because we value and respect each other enough to consider it an entitlement rather than a perk based on ones economic situation. And because we understand that we deserve better. Americans are sharing the costs of being Americans via taxes already. We will all need some form of care in our lives whether its preventive-based or trauma-based for ourselves and/or loved ones. So its in all of our best interests to support a better care system. The profit-hoarders might be strong financially, but our society as a whole is stronger because we hold the buying and voting power right in our back pockets. Its just a matter of who we deem deserving of our hard earned money. The for-profit insurance, drug , medical equipment industries? Or those whose focus is actually to care for our well-being? Our healthcare system is a legal means of corruption and extortion in this country against those who actually pay them to play. Their propaganda is extremely polarizing and is choking our ability to create a healthier society in physical, emotional and economic terms. Im very interested in helping in whatever way I can to move this agenda to the front burner and on its way to implementation, which Id be honored to be a part of. Please let me know how I can help in ways other than financial. And thank you again! Please bring more town halls! Ive been an avid TYT lover, am now a member and I appreciate the hard and excellent work you all do on behalf of Americans, our society and our place on the world stage. 💜

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