Tuesday: Special Live Coverage of the State of the Union Address

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Schedule for Tuesday

6pm to 8pmET – The Young Turks
8:05pm – 8:30pm ET – Rebel HQ
9pm to 10:30pmET – State of the Union Address
10:30pm – 11:30pm ET – State of the Union Commentary


  1. I’m sure that not all off TYT’s overseas members can watch everything live. Please upload state of the union coverage. I know you don’t listen to your members but maybe this time.

  2. trying to watch… Clicking on the live link brings me to Jimmy”s show scheduled today…

    please fix.


  3. I cant find the state of the union and comments. I could not see it live last night. Where/when do I find it?

    1. It’s not here, and they’re not responding to email questions asking them where it is. It’s pretty difficult to get answers from the folks that operate this site.

  4. I can’t watch things “live”, but I do watch the previous nights shows the following morning. I’ve had to email them a number of times reminding them to post the recorded shows or ask where they are hiding them in these menus they have.

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