1. Yes! Where is the video??? Also, why does it take so long to “rewind” the live daily main TYT 6:00pm ET show??
    why does it take TYT usually about 2 hours to replay the 6:00pmET segment?…now that TYT is sponsored by Aspiration Bank?? Democracy Now! replays their live daily show within minutes of it ending…

  2. It’s now 9:34am ET Saturday morning 2/17.

    Party was on Thursday 2/15.

    Apparently everyone was sent home early for the week-end.
    I imagine it will be posted Sunday nite or Monday morning, since members who don’t have the time or ability to watch an event Live are just SOL.

  3. Any way this event coverage is actually going to be available to paid members? Cenk assured us all on Friday’s show that we can watch it NOW [last night] for members so that new members can see it too, plugging for join-ups. I can’t imagine any new member would be pleased to find this situation, as a member and frequent drive donor and shop TYT customer, I would like to at least see someone take notice of all these comments.

  4. Love TYT but this seems typical.. We (members)don’t get content we were promised then it’s free on facebook. Ouch!

  5. Sorry, but this is bad…. did you hire Republicans to make this content available?? Is Ted Cruz holding this up?? Or is there a hidden agenda, something where you have to simultainiously type “Romanian Goat Cheese” while googling “amphibian acrobats” while singing “I Like Big Butts”??? Where’s the goddam video????

  6. Why isn’t this posted yet? It’s a little disingenuous for Cenk to say several times during the main show that “members can watch this anytime” when it’s almost 24 hours after the event and the videos haven’t been made available to members yet.

  7. There were some obvious technical screw ups, that were funny in a way. I wonder if they’re cleaning that up? I want the raw feed! :-)

  8. The only thing I am resisting now is the temptation to cancel membership over how long it takes to get videos posted for members.

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