1. We who support efforts to get Bullying out of the Workplace want there to be a show about the harmful practices and effects of Workplace Bullying . Competent people are being driven from their jobs by malignant practices that are harmful to health and sanity. This is compounded by legislators accepting lobby money from powerful business lobbies that seek literally to mine – ie. Extract value – from employees, consumers, customers only to give value to investors /shareholders/board members. Even the Quality of the products suffers! It’s a lose-lose situation with eyes only on profits and ignoring human life and quality of life.
    30 states have introduced the bill so far but none can get it passed because of the deleterious effects of the business lobbies and so many corrupt legislators.
    Please contact me, Jessica Stensrud Rhode Island co-coordinator with the Workplace Bullying Institute
    617-312-4868 [email protected]

  2. how do I get my JD candidate to be featured on Rebel Headquarters? His name is Greg Edwards from PA With the switching of districts I think he is now considered the 7th district


    Frank Golden

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