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  • The TYT App is ready for you to download on your iPhone right now.  And, what does it get you?
    • All of your favorite shows and podcasts in one place.
    • Find out when your favorite shows go live and watch them on the go.
    • Full ad-free experience; cancel any time.
    • Visit TYT.COM/APP


  1. Not everyone has $700, or better for a phone. Android version for the rest of us please.
    Shame thst the iphone version came out first, now thats some privilege showing right there!

    1. Its easier to develop an app for iOS because iOS only runs on 4 devices and that’s it. Android needs to work on literally hundreds of devices with different screen sizes, hardware performance capabilities and version of OS. I hope it will be out soon because I don’t have any iOS devices. I hope the app has a feature I can listen to the show with the screen off. I usually use MX Player Pro so I can listen to the video version of the show when I need the screen off.

  2. I hope an Android version is coming. Youtube sometimes does not do a good job at giving me a notification that the live show has started streaming. I have to do a manual search and really who wants to do that? lol

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