1. If this a TYT show where are they posting the episodes on this website? This is the only video I could find here. Went to youtube, this week’s episode was posted there yesterday which was Thursday not Wednesday like they said. So is it showing up on Wednesdays on youtubetv? Also, if you’re going to restrict it to a once a week show that’s under 10 minutes long at least make it a fucking segment on the main show. More people will see it that way cuz right now it’s lost in the dozens of videos that TYT posts on youtube daily.
    Agree that it’s overproduced as well. Nice to see TYT really putting that $20 million wall street gave them to good use.

    Oh & I don’t think it’s Michael Shure narrating the first episode. Since they didn’t put the narrator’s name in the credits it’s probably an unpaid intern.

  2. Sounds like micheal Shure. Give him some Facetime on air to introduce himself before going into the documentary style which will humanize the voiceover.

    Maybe even a sit down closing remark with him on camera would help too :)

  3. a) Looks like a great series up ahead. Love the opening graphics.
    b) Weirdly overproduced tho. I think this can be done without ripping off Dateline or 20/20… We’re the rebels right? Where’s the Turks ethos? The anger, the attitude? It’s genuinely an *Injustice* right?
    c) Is this Michael Shure doing his Josh Mankiewicz impression?

    1. I agree, I love everything TYT does but this is way too overproduced and I feel it loses it’s authenticity. My mom watches these kinds of shows, it’s so overdone. Unfortunately, this is a pass for me.

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