Photo By: Ross Oscar Knight

Shaun King is joining The Young Turks as a news commentator focused on talking about the issues the mainstream media often misses. King brings his perspective, as a prominent voice and leader within the Black Lives Matter movement, to highlight stories of injustice in America and how to make a difference on those issues.

By using social media to highlight, amplify, and discuss news of police brutality, racial discrimination, and other civil rights issues, King has become an indispensable source for extending crucial conversations about social justice and equality.

King’s social media updates have influenced how the world knows about those most affected by racism and police brutality. A strong advocate for families, Shaun has become an extremely visible fundraiser for victims of injustice.

As a speaker, Shaun King offers an articulate and historically grounded take on the most pressing problems of the day. As King argues, it’s not enough to be just a little bit better. In fact, that’s never been enough. We must each ask ourselves, “what’s my best contribution to this world today?”

He uses his platform as Senior Justice Writer for New York Daily News (and previously, Daily Kos) to inform and unearth the truth beyond local media, and to organize in purposeful and directed ways.

In addition to his work with the New York Daily News and TYT, Shaun King is a political commentator for the Tom Joyner Morning Show. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and their five young kids.

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