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Uganda Gives Us Hope For Humanity #MoreThanARefugee

In The Young Turks on YouTube by Aaron Wysocki3 Comments

  This World Refugee Day, meet the people behind the crisis – and discover what makes them #MoreThanARefugee. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) invited seven YouTube creators to get to know refugees around the world. See more stories at Learn more about the IRC and YouTube’s partnership at Never before has the world witnessed such a dramatic scale …

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Trump Tweets Signal Fear of Failure on Healthcare

In TYT Politics On YouTube by Aaron Wysocki1 Comment

  TYT Politics Contributor Ryan Grim ( reports from Washington DC on the quietly brewing battle in the U.S. Senate over TrumpCare (the repeal of the Affordable Care Act) as well as the 2018 budget. The president’s tweets on the subject seem to suggest he is looking for someone to blame if and when failure comes in the form of …

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Jane Sanders Discusses Sanders Institute With Nomiki Konst

In TYT Politics On YouTube by Aaron Wysocki0 Comments

  Our very own TYT Politics Reporter Nomiki Konst ( had the opportunity to interview Jane Sanders at The People’s Summit 2017! They got to speak about Jane’s new non-profit The Sanders Institute, the goal to which is to revitalize democracy in America. Do you think she can do it? What do you think of Jane’s commentary? Don’t forget to …

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Corporate Media Will Say Anything To Delegitimize The Progressive Movement

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  Support Jordan’s work at: Jordan Chariton and Jimmy Dore discuss the media industrial complex and Jordan’s new book, “Corporate Con Job: How The Mainstream Media Aids The Oligarchy.” Follow Jimmy Dore on Twitter: Follow Jordan Chariton on Twitter:

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Does Will Smith Hate TYT?

In The Young Turks on YouTube by Aaron Wysocki6 Comments

  Several years ago Will Smith said that TYT made Willow cry. Does he hate TYT? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Watch the whole post game here:

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Top-Secret Leak Bad News For Trump, Nevada May Get Medicaid For All

In TYT Politics On YouTube by Aaron Wysocki2 Comments

  A NSA document obtained by The Intercept details Russian hacking of our electoral system, and, Nevada’s governor has a Medicaid For All bill on his desk. TYT Politics Contributor Ryan Grim ( helped break The Intercept story as Washington Bureau Chief of The Intercept. He reported LIVE from the White House to took questions from our Facebook audience.