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  • TYT Hour 1 February 19, 2018

    TYT Hour 1 February 19, 2018

    Cenk. Hannity and Trump blaming Obama for not doing anything about the Russians. NRA foundation provided funding to train the shooter. Student rallies/protests/townhalls related to Florida shooting. Republican donor won’t donate more money until something is done about assault weapons. Focus group results: Republicans have bad agenda, Dems have no agenda....
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  • TYT Hour 2 February 19, 2018

    TYT Hour 2 February 19, 2018

    Cenk & Ana. Black Panther latest victim of right-wing propaganda. Cancer drug price rises 15-fold as owner raises cost for ninth time in four years. Behind the minimum wage fight, a sweeping failure to enforce the law. Fergie’s controversial “Star Spangled Banner” rendition....
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  • Murder With Friends: The Murder of Kathy Page

    Murder With Friends: The Murder of Kathy Page

    Grace Baldridge is joined by Mark Thompson to talk the unsolved murder of Kathy Page that inspired the movie, Three Billboards. Although investigators thought it to be a fatal car crash, upon further inspection, it was ruled that Kathy had been beaten and strangled to death. Who killed Kathy Page? Grace and Mark share their thoughts on the “murderer.”... This ...
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  • TYT Old School February 15, 2018

    TYT Old School February 15, 2018

    Cenk, Ana, Mark Thompson, and Commander of the East, Aaron Wysocki, talk Netanyahu, inventing word, the legendary Frank Mankiewicz, alternatives for the word “swim suit,” the perfect song length, Cenk on Instagram, and going out on Valentine’s Day....
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  • Aggressive Progressives: February 14, 2018

    Aggressive Progressives: February 14, 2018

    Jimmy Dore is joined by Steve Oh & Stef Zamorano talk “Cenk vs Jimmy” alleged drama, woman who got dragged off stage for listing big donors, the solar power story that Jimmy never gets to, the ACLU’s freedom of speech decision, and what you won’t believe they admitted at this healthcare agency....
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  • Reporting In: Nomiki Konst

    Reporting In: Nomiki Konst

    Malcolm Fleschner interviews Nomiki Konst about her recent trip to Wisconsin where she spoke with progressive activists gearing up for 2018, met with Democratic candidates hoping to challenge Scott Walker in the governor’s race and sat down for a lengthy interview with Iron Stache himself, Randy Bryce....
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