• Cenk Uygur

    Cenk (pronounced “Jenk”) is the founder and CEO of The Young Turks, LLC, and the host of the flagship show, The Young Turks, a daily 2-hour show on YouTube.

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  • Ana Kasparian

    Since beginning her role with TYT as a fill-in producer in 2007, Kasparian has continually climbed through the ranks, eventually culminating in her position today as co-host.

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  • Ben Mankiewicz

    Ben has been hosting TYT Sports since the channel debuted in 2010 and frequently is on the main show as a contributor.

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  • Jimmy Dore

    Jimmy Dore is the host of The Jimmy Dore Show carried worldwide on the web by TYT and nationally by Pacifica Radio.

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  • John Iadarola

    John Iadarola is the Host and Creator of ThinkTank on YouTube. John also produces and serves as a weekly cohost for The Young Turks, while appearing regularly on What The Flick, The Point, and nearly every show on the TYT network.

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  • Hannah Cranston

    Hannah Cranston is the Host and Executive producer of YouTube’s ThinkTank. Hannah is also a producer and regular guest host on The Young Turks, the largest online news network in the world.

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  • Jordan Chariton

    Jordan Chariton is a political reporter for The Young Turks, reporting on the presidential campaign trail.

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  • Francis Maxwell

    Francis Maxwell is a Scottish native, producer and host for TYT Sports broadcast on the The Young Turks network (TYT).

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  • Jason Rubin

    Jason Rubin joined TYTSports in May of 2014 as a host and producer broadcasted on the TYT Network.

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  • Hasan Piker

    Hasan Piker is an entertainment and political journalist who can be seen hosting Pop Crunch each day on TYT’s entertainment channel.

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  • Samantha Schacher

    Sam Schacher is a host/producer, as well as a former world-ranked/UCLA swimmer, and pop culture/social media guru.

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  • Alonso Duralde

    Alonso Duralde co-hosts What the Flick?!, is Film Reviews Editor for TheWrap, Senior Programmer at Outfest and an Adjunct Professor at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

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  • Matt Atchity

    Matt is the Editor in Chief of Rotten Tomatoes, the internet’s leading movie review aggregator.

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  • Wes Clark Jr.

    Wes Clark jr is an entrepreneur, project manager, consultant, screenwriter, novelist and army veteran currently trying to save human civilization from climate change through the Climate Mobilization movement.

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  • Nomiki Konst

    Nomiki Konst is a progressive activist, writer and talk show host regularly appearing on national media outlets discussing politics.

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  • Shaun King

    Shaun King is joining The Young Turks as a news commentator focused on talking about the issues the mainstream media often misses. King brings his perspective, as a prominent voice and leader within the Black Lives Matter movement, to highlight stories of injustice in America and how to make a difference on those issues.

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