Rick Strom is a producer and host for TYT Sports.

Since he could remember, Rick Strom has been engulfed in the sports world. At a young age he would broadcast the games to his dad, with whom he shared the bond of the Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Cubs, and Chicago Blackhawks. His first broadcasting opportunity came as a 14 year old in middle school. In high school, he took radio and TV classes, hosting his own show on radio once per week.

At Indiana University, Rick thrived at student-run WIUX, as a radio host and play-by-play announcer.

From there he completed multiple internships with ABC in Los Angeles, CBS news radio and CBS sports radio in Chicago.

Rick was hired by Ben Mankiewicz at The Young Turks, where he successfully operated TYT Sports. After more than three wonderful years, Chicago came calling once again and he served as host of start-up 120 Sports, now Stadium. Fast-forward to late 2017, and Rick gladly accepted a position with his first love, TYT, re-joining the company.

Aside from TYT Sports, Rick is a contributor for The Breakdown on Facebook.

A few quick nuggets about Rick: his dog’s name is Carl, he despises Jay Cutler, and he thinks college athletes should be compensated.

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