How To Support The Young Turks for FREE

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Did you know you can support The Young Turks for FREE by shopping online at Visit Amazon via this link  better yet click thru just once and bookmark that link to use every time you shop.  Your shopping experience on Amazon will be absolutely normal, it will cost you nothing extra, but a small percentage of the cost of your order will be donated to us to help keep our show independent.


  1. Do you need cookies enabled or anything for this to work? I have used it but I get no indication that it is going to TYT. I have various pieces of software running for privacy and I am concerned that they may interfere. I asked Amazon but never received a response.

  2. Joined just to say I will be using the TYT Amazon link. I order a fair amount from Amazon. Make the establishment pick up the progressive tab!

  3. I just ordered some personal and Christmas presents today and yesterday. Using the tyt amazon link. Funny is the second order today the link disappeared when I was changing color on some electronics but reverted back. Anyways hope u guys get the commish…TYT TOO STRONG…

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  5. When I click the link, it just takes me to Amazon – Can someone take a look and make sure the link is correct?

  6. Guys, When I click and then go to the canadian site, it no longer has TYT on it.

    Can you guys explain how your international members could help?

  7. OK, TYT. Your annoying promotion worked. : ) I did all my holiday shopping at amazon and I remembered to use your link!

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  9. Thanks for all that you do! I love listening to the show on my subway ride into the office everyday. I only wish the other shows were downloadable on a regular like Common Room and The Point. Oh and I just did my Holiday Shopping using the Amazon link! Keep up the good work.

  10. Why don’t you tell the truth about Zimmerman/Martin case anymore? Maybe because you guys are bunch of race baters. I hope Zimmerman sues the shit out of you and shuts down your show. You shitheads decided the case with no correct evidence. You will be responsible for any race riots when Zimmerman is cleared of all charges. You need to be in his shoes before you start shit, mother fuckers.

  11. Every Fox News reporter schould be forced to work with TYT for a week they would all go back to The Bill O crying how they were forced to listen to other view points

  12. “Anytime you throw your weight behind a political party that controls two-thirds of the government, and that Party can’t keep the promise that it made to you during election time, and you’re dumb enough to walk around continuing to identify yourself with that Party, you’re not only a chump, but you’re a traitor to your race.”

    -Malcolm X

  13. HEY! I have been trying for weeks to get help with my account via email and nothing has happened. What the heck TYT? I am being charged $10 a month and can’t even watch my member content. PLEASE help me once and for all. I am going through withdrawals and losing money simultaneously; this sucks :-/

  14. Thank you for another essential article. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a complete way of writing ? I have a presentation incoming week, and I am on the lookout for such information.

  15. ok What the fuck im ber shee membership? I just want to watch the TYT hour like I used to be able to do n youtube….. So I came here and SITLL can’t see it like it used to be on the homepageru.. So I sign up for the free membership and I STILL can’t get the videos.

    Everytime I click one it berings me back to the membership screen, but I already SIGNEM BE ro be a member. Am I not allowed to watch the videos as a free member? Then what of ehe point of even HAVING a link to be a free member? It doesn’t do ANYTHING different than if I wasn’t a free memnber except that I can bitch on this ONE comment thread about it.

    I love TYT and have been wcebefor eince before JJill left, I don’t have money to be a memebr but I suscribe to the youtube channels, but even THAT is getting useless because of the liited content.. I wan to see the TYT coverage of the debate and I can only nund one 4 minute clip on that so I came here.

    TYT you’re beginning to suck ass. I thought the point was to get the message out… now it seeoi ntis the point is to get money…… It’s beginning to come clear to me the reason WHY your yout ube videos have been… lacking. I got into TYT BECAUSE of the youtub channel when it was TYT at it’s best, when it seemed they actually genuinely cared about these issues… it’s starting to look like yob outy care about saying and doing what you think wile make people give you money…. THAT IS NOT TYT. I’ve argevd against EVERYONE that EVER alled you a sellout, but I’m llyclos really close to saying it myself.

  16. Or TYT can sell stickers or some shit to put on your car or sell more t-shirts. Or how about members for a year get a free t-shirt… come on guys… I’m starting to feel gipped being a paying member!

  17. Man…I hope this was new, because I’ve spent quite a bit of money on amazon recently :( Oh well, i’ve got it bookmarked now and will make sure I use it every time!

  18. This should be kept as some kind of quick link at the top of the website. How much do you get from purchases through the link? Is it % or flat?

    1. It’s has a TYT reference thing. Amazon has some who system with that.

      I keep forgetting about this. I just spent like 200 bucks at Amazon on Sunday. I used to have it bookmarked.

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