1. Sanders-83% / Clinton-13% Sanders-54% / Clinton-11% Sanders-75% / Clinton-18% Sanders-64% / Clinton-13% Sanders-73% / Clinton-17% Sanders-76% / Clinton-15% Sanders-71% / Clinton-16% Sanders-74% / Clinton-16% Sanders-67% / Clinton-20% Sanders-64% / Clinton-23% Sanders-79% / Clinton-10% Sanders-63% / Clinton-26%

  2. The pundit class are all calling it a huge win for Hillary Clinton while all (and I do mean ALL) the polls and focus groups are unanimous in calling it a big win for Bernie Sanders.

    This really says loads about the mainstream media, doesn’t it?

  3. I can’t agree with the idea that Sanders won that debate hands down. Hillary did much better than I thought she would. Let’s be honest Sanders is left of her and because of the hostility against socialism in the USA she just gathered every one of those anti-socialism votes.

    I feel like Sanders needed to own his positions better when it came to socialism and gun control instead he seemed to sidestep the issue as much as possible (without redirecting the issue). In response to the question “are you a socialist?” I feel like his answer should have been “There is hostility against that label of socialist in America. Instead of attacking me on a label, critique my policy positions. What I stand for is the working class of America and that has been labelled socialism in this country. Socializing the losses of the finance sector in trillion dollar bailouts though isn’t called socialism for some reason though. So feel free to label me as you want but understand you vote against your own self interest if you vote for corporate interests.

    In the case of the gun control. He should have come out and said “We need sensible gun control legislation. I have voted against some ineffective bills on gun control legislation that would hurt the riding I represent while not effectively addressing the issue of getting the guns out of the hands of criminals. Passing ineffective legislation just leads to the bloating of government and more useless red tape for the average citizen.”

    Maybe I’m wrong about the idea of owning his positions, however it seems to be a major benefit to be a “strong” candidate. It works for trump and I feel it even works for Sanders and is a major part of why he has gotten so far already.

    Finally think that this debate showed that Hillary has a better chance of gaining overall popular vote of the USA for president. She is in the middle. If she’s to face off against the republican candidate she won’t have the label “socialist” and all it’s negative connotations. She could easily garner many of the female republicans votes and maybe a significant amount of the non-crazy republican votes while maintaining all of the democratic votes. This is something that I’m not sure Sanders can do. He would have a harder time in a general election than Hillary in my opinion.

  4. I think Sanders stands out singularly in both fields… i think he is the only person who’s really running for president until you get down to more obscure candidates. the rest seem to be running for student council president… (like most post 1980 elections seem to have been in some escalating sense.) At that time Republicans rebooted their national strategy realizing you can’t just run a booze sweating curmudgeon like Nixon (just because perfectly he represents your parties leaders and handlers, {or perhaps most especially because he doe so})… Their obvious solution? just hire a commercial grade actor… since then there has been a varying degree of dog and pony nonsense on both sides at the national level. This has much to do with why people are gravitating to the no fucks to give candidates. One i see as caring about real people and issues so much that he wont water down his “un-focus-group) directness… the other being so unfathomably wealthy he’s never had to care about the opinions of anyone but himself (possible exception of his late father)

    1. also has any one noticed that almost every picture the major news media chooses to use of Jeb Bush out side of him on a debate stage is about 15 years old? This isn’t OK Cupid.

  5. Was this even a debate? CNN never asked the same question of all five. Even something as simple as the marijuana question, which could have been a yes/no answer, only was asked of two debaters. CNN showed an obvious Clinton bias allowing her to go off subject and overtime numerous times. I would like to see a breakdown of speaking time and camera time for each of the five debaters.

    The big loser in the debate? — CNN

  6. Sanders won this round. Hillary let her ties to Wall St. outta the bag – that was her biggest gaff. Bernie’s moment of discomfort – about gun control – was the only moment of unease for me.

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