1. I cannot believe that I can get content on YouTube that I cannot get as a subscriber to TYT. I want to see Dan Rather’s newscast, you tell me I cannot see it. I go to YouTube and there it is… what am I paying for?

    1. Hi Bruce.Be sure to login.Then look for the three lines at the top right of your screen next to words”TYT Network”, then scroll down and click on member content,then all the various shows show up,including Dan Rather.Good luck!

  2. I got news for everybody unless we unite for the next election you’re going to lose everything and all your rights to The Messiah.

    All this arguing is about Hillary and Bernie accomplish nothing. I offered the same kind of things as Bernie and even more when I’m young enough and have the experience to win and do all these things but do you know how hard it is to get public support? The truth of the matter is most people are too stupid to go read a policy. We’re going to be using that neutrality we’re going to pay high gasoline prices in two years we’re going to lose all the protections against crooked banks and their fees. We’re not gonna do anything about NAFTA we’re not going to do anything about China. Ask yourself this how many years are you going to take it before you finally lost it all and say enough is enough we have to unite? Eight years of Trump in this country will be gone. He is a psychopath a liar a ConMan and massive criminal with no morals and he is no Christian he is a false Christian is relying on Michelle Bachman trying to explain to you what a Christian is. How ridiculous

  3. Millions of Independents were closed out of the primaries, unprecedented poll closings suppressed the same day votes giving preference to mail-in votes in many crucial states (which vastly benefitted HRC), registering as a Democrat was overburdensome and difficult for Independents in many states, hundreds of thousands of voters were erroneously purged from the voter rolls in NY and CA alone, in addition to a misinformation campaign against Sanders by media and DNC, including AP calling the election before primaries ended. They called the primaries despite the fact that Clinton didn’t clinch enough pledged delegates even after they ended, so then the superdelegates had to push her through to the nomination. But as we saw in California with Kimberly Ellis, even if Bernie won, the superdelegates would have installed Clinton anyway. So the whole thing is moot. We already have proof that the DNC subverts the will of their constituents, and they admitted in court that they believe they don’t have to hold fair elections.

  4. Yes there’s a difference. If Clinton was elected we’d now be in a full fledged war with Syria and possibly even Russia.

  5. As far as justice Dems goes I still don’t know one thing. If the dnc manages to cheat again and installs another corporate democrat like Hillary, will justice Dems still vote for them? If so than this is in a way worthless.
    if dnc knows they can count on ur vote no matter what they don’t need to cater to u, they don’t even have to waste time showing up at ur show, Hillary never came to tyt, u still voted for her.

    1. Why are Bernie Bros still bitter? Hillary was not “installed.” You say the DNC “cheated” but you offer not one shred of proof, aside from a few emails internally that showed some people were skeptical of Bernie (so were a lot of us). You all seem to forget that many, many millions of more people voted for her than for Bernie. MILLIONS. Stop being a sore loser and vote for candidates that align as closely as possible with your views. You won’t get everything you want. No one ever does.,

      Y’all helped poison the wells and now LOOK WHO WE HAVE FOR PRESIDENT. Do you REALLY think that there’s no difference between what Hillary would be doing right now and what Trump has done?

      You Bernie Bros bear some responsibility for this. LOOK IN THE MIRROR and see why we now have a psychopath as president.

      1. Progressive NYC I’m curious of why you were skeptical Bernie or why others were. You can write me directly at [email protected] I want to hear from people of the real issues that they believe are most important to them. Some of these things Trump got involved in I didn’t even think this country had a problem with. The big thing I want to see in this country get this Chinese garbage out of it let’s restore USA manufacturing and quality and the quality of our metals.

      2. Sometimes things need to get worse in order to get better. As far as I’m concerned, “Hill” was not an option. It’s people like her that are the cause for “DonDon” being president. Give us someone worth voting for. Someone who can energize voters left and right. Not a corporate puppet who is willing to lie, and cheat for money!

      3. Evidence:
        DNC charter
        Article 5 Section 4. The National Chairperson shall serve full time and shall receive such compensation as may be determined by agreement between the Chairperson and the Democratic National Committee. In the conduct and management of the affairs and procedures of the Democratic National Committee, particularly as they apply to the preparation and conduct of the Presidential nomination process, the Chairperson shall exercise impartiality and evenhandedness as between the Presidential candidates and campaigns. The Chairperson shall be responsible for ensuring that the national officers and staff of the Democratic National Committee maintain impartiality and evenhandedness during the Democratic Party Presidential nominating process.

        Every single superdelegate pledged to support Hillary Clinton before 1 single vote was cast.

        Some superdelegates voted for Clinton even though their state voted for Bernie. This caused the delegate vote in those states to be almost even .

        Debates were very few and scheduled at times that would insure low ratings. This favors the better known candidate.

        Donna Brazile was FIRED from her job at CNN for giving Hillary debate questions ahead of the debates and was immediately rewarded with the position of interim chair of the DNC when Debbie Wasserman Schultz was fired and then DWS was immediately rewarded with a position with the Clinton campaign.

        If you can’t see how hard the DNC was trying to tip the scales in Clinton’s favor then you are either blind or willfully ignorant. Either way I feel sorry for you.

      4. There’s no such thing as Bernie Bros which proves you were duped by Clinton poisoning the well.

        Proof that the DNC tried to swing it for HRC:

        Very few debates were scheduled and scheduled at times that insured the lowest possible viewership.

        Every single superdelegate pledged their allegiance to Clinton before ONE SINGLE VOTE WAS CAST and some superdelegates went against the voters of their state and supported HRC anyway so in some states where Bernie actually won the popular vote he actually wound up with less delegates.

        Donna Brazile was fired from CNN for giving Clinton the debate questions ahead of time so she could prepare answers.

        Debbie Wasserman Schultz was fired as chairman of the DNC for the terrible way she handled the Democratic primaries.

        This is on top of the Podesta, Perez etc emails.

      5. Bernie supporters do not own this president, nor are “we” responsible for him. Most of us ended up voting for Bernie, and those that voted for Stein probably wouldn’t have changed the outcome. The Dems ran 4 people, only one of them well known and well funded (Clinton, in case you forgot), the Reps ran what? 20? Dems were not given much of a choice, and Bernie was considered a nut without a chance, just like the other two.

        So, yes, the deck was stacked, and suddenly people see a honest guy who speaks his mind. If anything, he helped Clinton’s message and appeal, which still wasn’t enough.

        The Dems will run a full race next cycle. It will be nice since that is what has and should be done.

    2. Eval 1979 my name is Robert sandera I plan on being the nominee and will run as a progressive independent Justice Democrat. I’m going to contact Bernie about working together but I can tell you this I just set up with act blue I’m getting ready to start raising money soon and rebuild my website and Facebook and get motivated and if we get screwed by the Democratic party which I am going to blast pretty soon and start pissing off the leadership that I want some damn things fixed and for people to take a stand for something like they’re supposed to. If we get cheated out of that in a primary I won’t hesitate to run as an independent. There’s something you should know before Bernie ran for president he was my number one pick for VP. My presidency is going to be different than anybody else is my VP is going to be on an equal level with me because our country is in really bad trouble and we are in some Wars. If it’s Bernie I will gladly give them my full presidential pay and benefit package because I’m going to do this for not very much money. I have no problem with either one of us being each other’s VP but the truth is I have a hell of a lot of legal experience in federal law screwing crooked politicians and judges and I plan on just wreaking havoc for the people and I worked on a plan for 12 years to fix this country and I’ve got it nailed. We’re not going to get cheated out of this again what I advise people to do is talk to your friends that believe they are Republicans and try to convince them are you really a republican do you really have something in common with these millionaire billionaires and do you really believe in giving corporate welfare like that while the rest of the country suffers. I want to unite this country but you have to realize the Republican base has been brainwashed and they don’t understand they don’t have anything in common with these people at the top and they’re never going to be represented by them.

      So I believe the main issue of importance is we learn how to end this division and communicate with each other so they may join our common cause my entire presidency is about returning all the power back to the people. Giving everyone of you regardless of democrat or republican all your rights back that you had before 9/11. I investigated the government for over 30 years I know all their dirty little secrets I know exactly what has to be fixed I was stunned at Trump being so dumb that he never laid out a plan and then a bunch of idiots bought into it. But it’s Hillary’s fault too she should have been out there campaigning the way she went out on the top of her game in 2008 and communicating with people in person and instead she seemed to be alienated as another one of these elitist above the rest of us and she had enough hatred as it was. Bernie would have cream this election if you would have been the nominee he had bigger crowds and bigger following and more experience than Trump and actually the ideas he talked about with the banks are exactly what has to be fixed with our country Trump did exactly the opposite. Our country is run by a monopoly of JPMorgan owns all these companies and banks in the entire media until the public wakes up we are screwed.

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