1. YIPPEE! So happy to have this dedicated channel on the site finally, youtube was getting mighty frustratingly chaotic. And coincidentally, i am wearing my Mariguana- House TYT shirt from the fundraising :)) Go get ’em!

  2. That damn Cenk Uygur! Hahahahaha!
    The Young Turks is BLOWING UP right now!

    THIS is what I was talking about.
    This is what I paid for with my meager contributions to The Watchers On The Wall funddrive.
    There’s so much good content on TYT Politics & I think a lot of it gets lost in the shuffle sometimes.
    It’s hard to pinpoint a particular reporter’s stories & even the playlists don’t make it as easy as it needs to be to navigate all the stories.

    What they do needs to be highlighted & promoted strongly.
    Hopefully when they revamp TYT’s website, we’ll get better attention on what those reporters & commentators have been doing.
    I have been impressed with Jordan most definitely but everybody added has brought in amazing contributions.

    It’s amazing what this show has produced over the years.
    Something that started in somebody’s living room has turned into this phenomenon!
    Wow. Inspiring.

    That’s why I’ll always remain a paying subscriber to The Young Turks.
    John Lucas

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