For Today: Update on Main Show and Post Game

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The Young Turks will not be streaming live today as we continue to work on improving and enhancing our technical infrastructure. Our crew is working hard to have our systems back in order as soon as possible.

We will upload NEW clips of The Young Turks later today, March 27th.

The main show and Post Game are now available for members.

We appreciate your understanding as we rollout our technical updates. Check @TheYoungTurks on Twitter for updates.

Below are some clips from our coverage of the March for Our Lives:


  1. Great reporting Emma on the MFOL, love the interview with the 2 Springbrook HS student. Thanks for giving them a platform.

    ? w/the new upgrade, any chance the TYT field reporters can rotate into TYTLive lineup of hosts: Ryan Grimm, Nomiki Konst, Emma, David Sirota, Michael Tracey. These reporters file many great stories not covered on MSM yet they are relegated to only appear on Facebook or YouTube channels. Curious what other members think?

  2. TYT often call themselves tech savvy. Over the years I’ve found that they clearly are not. And then the arrogance of not acknowledging or informing their viewers.

  3. hey whoever is the idiot that thinks putting updates over in the corner where no one fucking sees them is a good idea:

    look at the fucking comments in both Hour 1 and 2 of today’s show – PEOPLE THINK THIS IS THE NEW FORMAT … because you stupid fucks can’t bother to either actually put something ON THE FRONT PAGE – or have the hosts fucking explain what’s going on … heaven fucking forbid the Method Man might get angry (like Ana seemed to fear when John blew her cover of putting commercial breaks in the Post Game) … if someone like me can see the obvious communication skills you guys are seriously lacking it – that’s pretty fucking bad … come on … you guys seem smarter than this … who took your brains and sold them to corporate?

    oh and anyone who doesn’t know who ‘Method Man’ is … Post Game on March 20th was being recorded and I was watching live … Cenk and Jimmy were talking about how Jews became the ones in control of interest bearing loans (usury) and how it became the excuse for hating them … at one point Cenk wanted to tell some story that included a swear word and he started asking if he could swear … (there’s a jump cut where that took place) and if you notice the show ends abruptly … why? … Cenk asked if the Method Man was still around and wanted to know if he could tell the swearing story and did … I don’t know who the Method Man is but he has Cenk by the balls apparently … I find it interesting (and say so in the comments) that they removed that part of the conversation (again – lying to the members by not letting you know what’s going on and actively hiding it from you) … keep this in mind as they turn TYT into a MSM like channel

  4. I’ve been watching TYT since 2015. It’s unfortunate that things seema bit more “filtered” and toned down since you’ve received all of these new sponsers (and isn’t that partly why you bash the mainstream media all the time ? I mean rightfully so). It’s also upsetting to pay $100.00 a month for a membership and never get a t-shirt, phone call or anything that was promised when I signed up. I really enjoy your reporting but I feel you guys are lacking in the actually upkeep and direction of the business.

    1. You are paying $100 a month. OMG maybe you should give someone a call to complain instead of using this comment section. If that does not give you satisfaction , stop paying the $100.

  5. Here’s a radical idea- an actual published updated network schedule. You guys aren’t in a bedroom or a closet anymore.

  6. hey ya’ll thanks for posting the content but the main show podcast content has been outa wack for a week or more. if yall could adress that we would all very much appreciate it. thanks <3

  7. c’mon guys. do a podcast recording or something on a laptop at a coffee shop if the studio is on the fritz. one of the most important things you should know you need to build an audience (and keep your members subscribed) is having a consistent schedule. your roster of potential hosts is so large, i can’t imagine someone wouldn’t want to gripe about the current trump ridiculousness of the day.

    come back soon T_T

  8. Update on what’s going on very much appreciated. Missing TYT! Don’t want to go back to mainstream media now that I found you guys!!

  9. I wish you guys had uploaded this message on Friday, it would have saved us a lot of confusion, but thank you for updating us.

    I hope the upgrades go smoothly and can’t wait till you guys are back! It really sucks not having a live show and it reminds me what news would be like without TYT. In short, it would suck. Thanks for all you guys do.

  10. Definitely appreciate the update, but please try to do so more frequently/earlier when there is an issue. Just a simple post like this when (example:) Jimmy is sick and AP is canceled for the week. Things like that would be really simple to provide members with clarity on.

  11. Appreciate the update. Please post something here when there are issues and you’ll keep this member happy. I totally understand that issues come up but I just want to know what’s going on.

    Thanks again!

  12. you’re NOT working on ‘improving and enhancing’ – stop using fucking corporate speak – you’re fixing a fuck-up – you were supposed to have this done on Monday and it didn’t work … stop fucking talking to us like we’re children

    1. just to add – when someone is using corporate speak THEY ARE LYING TO YOU … this coming from a group of people who want us to believe they are ‘genuine’ and ‘real’ … I would STRONGLY recommend you STOP this practice NOW … seriously – you know that what was written here was a bald faced lie because we were told they’d be back Monday AND THEY ATTEMPTED TO COME BACK ON MONDAY AND FAILED … you are NOT down due to ‘improvements and enhancement’ … you are down because you are trying to fix what those things did to fuck you up … stop lying if you want us to continue to believe you

      1. The TYT message seems fine to me.
        I’m honestly appalled by the way you’ve addressed the crew though. The simple suggestion of more prompt communication is all that need be said, not a rant that lacks all empathy for their internal issues.

        We’ll be here when you’re back on the ‘air’.

      2. You also don’t speak for me. Not everybody is loosing their minds over these issues. I’ve been watching tyt since 2007 and they have earned my close to full trust. Also, when you are here just insulting people and being an asshole, you are just lowering the conversation. Maybe you should get banned or something.

  13. Ridiculous how little coverage the entire Progressive media has given to this weekends march. I found like 5 minutes on Kyle’s show and that’s about it. Must I go to the mainstream media to see commentary on such an important moment in the movement?

  14. Thank you for the update. I was concerned when I didn’t see anything new this morning. Happy you are able to do some improvements to your system. I’m sure it will be welcomed by all!

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